An Ode to Special Features


In the past few years Netflix has made binge watching television a trendy thing to do, but the self-proclaimed “hipster” that I am loves to point out that 8 years ago (pre-Netflix Instant) I was watching episode after episode on these circular devices called DVDs and I was obsessed.

Because of my obsession, most of the gifts that I received during high school were DVD box sets for various shows that I wanted to completely immerse myself in for weeks at a time. While I enjoy doing the same via Netflix these days, what online streaming doesn’t yet offer are the “Special Features” included with most DVD box sets. We’re talking deleted scenes, commentary, behind the scenes documentaries, quizzes, panels, interviews, and gag reels that enable anyone to become an obsessive fangirl. Therefore, from time to time, I find myself breaking out my trusty old DVDs (that serve as lovely shelf decoration in my apartment btw), and marathoning a show the right way – complete with special feature interludes at the end of each season. In my opinion, this is the best way to enjoy binging a show.

So take it from me, sometimes the DVD box-sets are worth the investment! How do you get your dose of special features?