Bingeable: Star Student

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me that I’m television obsessed. I talk about it constantly and feel the need to push new television shows on people based on their interests. I even recently attempted to apply to get paid for watching Netflix (yes, it is a real and very illusive thing). But the greatest thing about television for me (other than being mindlessly comforted by it’s presence) is the fact that a particular show that I’m watching can set my mood for the day. Over the past few years I’ve learned how to harvest it into a superpower of sorts, and I’d like to share that power with these compilations of episodes that will effectively help in putting you in a particular mood, a curated binge if you will (an idea first mastered by So cue up your Netflix and get watching with my first “Bingeable” list:


The number one use for my televised mood setting in college was getting myself motivated to study. Because I was a Film and Media Studies major, watching films and television was part of my coursework, and I tried to meld my favorites into the game whenever possible (I once wrote a 10 page paper on Gilmore Girls), but no matter what your major, there is something about each of these episodes that will hopefully be motivating to get yourself to crack open one of those text books or push you through an all nighter at the library.


Gilmore Girls – “The Deer Hunters” (1 X 04)

Throughout college, Gilmore Girls functioned as my primary motivation to study. Rory Gilmore served as appropriate inspiration for an afternoon spent hitting the books. As the roommates I had during the course of my four year education can attest, generally my first hour of “studying” was spent watching an episode of Gilmore Girls to “prepare myself” for the task at hand. “The Deer Hunters” was often a go to episode for me in these moments. Rory has just started at Chilton and isn’t doing as well as she did at her old school. The competition is stiff, and she is having a hard time catching up so her and Lorelai have an all night study session to prepare her for a very important English test. The episode is motivating and charming, keeping it from being too stressful like my other go-to: “The Incredible Sinking Lorelais” (4 X 14).



Gossip Girl  - “Desperately Seeking Serena” (1 X 15)

While Gossip Girl definitely isn’t a go to example for motivation to be a star student, there is something to be said about the glamour of wealthy teenagers competing for highly coveted spots in Ivy League colleges. In this episode the gang takes the SATs, and while some of them use their money to pass with flying colors (cough cough Chuck Bass), others are forced to work for their scores and drama ensues.



Emily Owens M.D. – “Emily and the Car and the Cards” (1 X 08)

Emily Owens M.D. is a cute and addicting medical “dramedy” that had a short lived run airing on the CW from 2012-2013, and is now streaming on Netflix. Like most medical shows, it makes me constantly question my life choices because obviously I should have just gone to med school (but that’s beside the point). Emily, played by Meryl Streep’s look alike daughter Mamie Gummer, is a new intern finding out that her experience working in a hospital is a lot like high school. In this particular episode, Emily is studying for an intern exam by using a flashcard system that she developed back in high school. We’re talking color coded, beautifully organized, brilliant flashcards. For Emily, test taking has always been her forte (she refers to it as her superbowl), and it’s the perfect motivation for any student to develop the perfect color coded study system, and score the winning touchdown (and by that I mean pass the SATs).  


One Tree Hill – “Lists, Plans” (8 X10)

As I’m sure I will express plenty on this blog, One Tree Hill is one of my favorite shows of all time. Yes, it is a soapy teen drama. Yes, it kind of went downhill in the later years. But, as a whole I think the messages that it serves to promote (when you block out the murdering nanny moments) are significant for young adults. It was the first show I was ever truly a fan of, and the reason I realized that I wanted to work in television so it will always have an important place in my heart. In this particular episode, Nathan has decided to go back and finish his college degree so that he can become a sports agent. Upon giving the choice of an easy or a more difficult professor, he takes the challenge and must work extremely hard to pass an business class. During one poignant moment, he explains to his son Jamie that the reason he chose the harder professor is because “sometimes the hardest things are the most rewarding.” This quote was written on my cap at graduation, and always served as a great reminder of why I was working so hard.


Last Man Standing – “Breaking Boyd” (3 X 13)

For the final spot on this binge, I thought I would throw in a little comedy for good measure. Last Man Standing is a somewhat mind numbing show that I watch because it reminds me of the TGIF days of Friday night television when I was younger, and I will watch anything with Tim Allen (no really, I’m obsessed). In this particular episode (which is fairly recent), Mandy makes a sincere effort at bringing up her grades before the end of the semester. It’s cheesy and kind of ridiculous, but it’s entertaining, and if Mandy can do it you can too!