It may be mid-June, but I’m finally getting around to my wrap-up for the past couple of months (better late than never, right?). Between starting a new job, and attending the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX (more on that later), I’ve barely had time to breathe… or sleep… but I’ve of course found some way to fit TV in, so at least there’s that! Here’s what I watched throughout April and May.



Garfunkel and Oates (Season 1)

Am I the only one who constantly trolls the “recently added” section of Netflix? I’m always anxious to see what new shows have come available to binge that I may have missed when they aired or (if we’re being honest) ones that I put off purposely in order to binge later. Garfunkel and Oates is one of those shows that I always intended to watch, but never even ended up setting my DVR to record (it’s pretty full so prioritizing is necessary). I was lucky enough to see Riki Lindhome record an episode of the podcast Baby Talk with Dan Levy last year, and I was instantly obsessed with her bubbly and relatable sense of humor. So when Garfunkel and Oates popped up in the recently added column on Netflix, I immediately played an episode, and then another, and then another… until I was shocked to see that I had finished the entire season (there are only 8 eps and at 20min a pop they go by pretty quick).

The show follows Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, as themselves, as they navigate life as a comedy band, dating, break-ups, and friendships. Each episode features one of their original songs that fits the context of the story (warning: they will get stuck in your head). But the best part? Throughout the season there is a slew of cameos by all of your favorite comedians! From TJ Miller to Anthony Jeselnik, you’re bound to spot someone you recognize. It has a very similar feel to Portlandia and definitely worth a quick watch while it’s available to stream.



Mulaney (Season 1)

This was one of those shows that I had such high expectations for and was so disappointed. Yes, I stuck it out and watched the entire season anyway because I am such a huge fan of John Mulaney (I’ve seen his stand-up special “New in Town” more times than I can count). The pilot episode wasn’t great and basically regurgitated jokes from Mulaney’s special, but I was willing to give it a chance, hoping that it would be funnier when I didn’t already know the punch line to every joke. While there were a few quality jokes here and there, the show never really clicked for me as a whole. I definitely recommend spending your time on Mulaney’s stand-up instead.



Manhattan Love Story (Season 1)

Another show that both myself and the other American viewers didn’t really care for. I did love the casting and the idea behind the show with its rom-com tropes, but unfortunately in the end it came across as a little too cheesy, with characters that I constantly felt second-hand embarrassment for. However, it’s great as something to have on in the background if you’re not focusing 100%.



Felicity (Season 1)

I hold onto a lot of 90s nostalgia despite the fact that I was too young during that particular decade to really enjoy a lot of the main pop culture staples. Felicity was one of those shows that I missed out on and had to give a try. I instantly fell in love with the simple plot that allows the characters to really be the main focus of each episode. It’s the perfect show to enjoy on a random Saturday with copious amounts of coffee, and one I’m excited to continue with in the coming months.



Fresh Off the Boat (Season 1)

This show sat in my Hulu Plus queue for the length of its first season run, but as soon as I watched the pilot I was hooked, and binged my way through the first 13 episodes in a matter of a couple of days. I’ve watched plenty of interviews with Eddie Huang, and seen him appear on news shows like Take Part Live (Pivot), but I wasn’t familiar with his book prior to starting the series.

The show follows the life of a young Eddie, as his first generation family from Taiwan relocates to sunny, whitewashed, Orlando, Florida for a new start with a new business (a wild west themed steakhouse). Each of the actors brings something really unique to the table as this hilarious family and I can’t get enough of them.