5 Fictional families I would love to spend Thanksgiving with

My family can be insane. Especially during the holidays.

Let’s just say that differing opinions on the best workout, or even a disagreement over which fast food parking lot my dad and uncle were actually in that time my dad broke his nose, have led to thrown food and hurt feelings.

But nonetheless, Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings us all together and bonds us a little closer every year. It’s an experience that I can only dream about having with some of television’s best fictional families (seriously, it’s a scenario I’ve thought way too in depth about). So without further ado, here are my top picks:

The Gallaghers (Shameless)

Simply put The Gallaghers are a mess. But they’re a fun mess. The kind of mess that will have you doubled over with giggles as one of them attempts to blowtorch the turkey. Sure you’re in danger, but everyone means well, and this is a memory you’ll share with future generations. “Hey, do you remember that time Carl set the kitchen towels on fire while blowtorching the turkey.” See… FUN!

The Cohens (The O.C.)

No one. I repeat. NO ONE. Can make you feel more welcome in their home than one Sandy Cohen. And you can bet that this won’t be just one Thanksgiving meal, but a masterpiece of a bagel brunch the following morning as well. Because the Cohen’s do entertaining right. Plus, if you ask Seth nicely enough, you may just get the honor of meeting the legendary Captain Oats. What could be better?

The Alvarez Family (One Day at a Time)

I’ll state the obvious before we go any further, you will get to sit at the dining room table with national treasure, Rita Moreno! (As grandmother extraordinaire Lydia of course.) She’ll make you café Cubano and tell you the tales of her challenging childhood, all while introducing you to her wonderful daughter and grandchildren who are single (wink wink). And if you’re lucky, Schneider might show up unexpectedly just in time to ask all the dumb questions you’ve secretly been wondering about.

 The Bradys (The Brady Bunch)

Here’s the story… of a Thanksgiving family… The Bradys are a classic choice. We’ve all at least imagined what it would be like to suddenly have a mass of siblings, and I’m sure that dynamic would only increase the level of Thanksgiving excellence. From a football game in the idyllic backyard, to Alice serving her homemade pumpkin pie, it would surely be a Thanksgiving to remember.

The Gilmores (Gilmore Girls)

Lorelai and Rory can eat. Which means they know how to do Thanksgiving right. You’re likely to be shuffled around Stars Hallow from celebration to celebration, overeating and making new friends. And when you finally do make it to Richard and Emily’s Hartford home, you’ll be forced to at least pretend you still have room for the gourmet meal their chef has prepared (while Emily watches you like a hawk of course). So you better start training now if you want to be able to eat with the best of ‘em.

While these fictional families have a lot going for them, I still can’t help but be excited about getting to spend some quality time with my own. Because it’s when the wine starts flowing and stories start being told on this special day that I feel the most at home.