5 St. Patrick's Day Episodes to Binge Tonight

Ah, St. Patrick’s day. As kids we appreciated the global celebration of Irish culture by donning green ensembles, being tricked by devious “leprechauns,” and chowing down on chocolate gold coins. But adulthood brings drunken celebrations fraught with green beer, Jameson shots, and parades. While this way of remembering St. Patrick (one of Ireland’s patron saints) can be exciting, if you’d rather be cozy at home and hangover free tomorrow morning, then this list is for you. So pull on some fuzzy green socks, pour yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms, and queue up your Netflix for some fun takes on the holiday that don’t require you to leave your couch.  


How I Met Your Mother - 03 X12 – “No Tomorrow”

I can’t think of anyone who partakes in holiday debauchery quite like Barney Stinson. And as usual, in this episode he ropes Ted into another one of his schemes, luring him away from Marshall and Lily’s much tamer board game night in favor of a hot date and some green beer. Barney reasons with him by proposing a theory of “No Tomorrow” in which today has no consequences. As you can imagine, despite Barney’s promises, consequences run abound for poor Ted who ends up getting into more trouble than he bargained for.



The Office - 06 X 19 – “St. Patrick’s Day”

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day in Scranton and green is the color of choice as the employees of Dunder Mifflin look forward to a parade in town. But tensions rise when they’re delayed from leaving the office to celebrate the holiday which Michael describes as “the closest day the Irish will ever get to Christmas.” As usual there is hilarious tension between Jim and Dwight, ridiculous misunderstandings for Michael, and confusion generated by secrets among coworkers. Plus, green ties and suits make everything even more comical than usual!



Charmed – 05 X 16 – “Lucky Charmed”

In this episode, our favorite witch sisters are called upon to help a group of leprechauns overcome the power of a demon named Saleel. The sisters end up in the realm of the leprechauns and learn that not all luck is good. But that doesn’t stop them from the exciting possibility of traveling by rainbow! It may be a darker take on the icons of St. Patrick’s Day but the 90s nostalgia is totally worth it!



Cheers – 08 X 21 – “Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh”

When the Cheers gang thinks that they accidentally started an all-out prank war with Gary’s Old Town Tavern on St. Patrick’s Day, they lay in wait for retaliation from their rival. As they become more and more suspicious of the possibility of practical jokes being played on them, their antics become progressively more hilarious and you can’t help but commiserate with them in the end.



30 Rock – 06 X 11 – “St. Patrick’s Day”

Liz Lemon’s day is turned upside down after Jack, in an attempt to teach her a St. Patrick’s Day lesson, puts a curse on her that lands Dennis back on her doorstep. Her intentions of protesting the holiday by staying home all day and wearing orange are scrapped when Dennis begins to drive a wedge between her and Chris. Meanwhile, Jenna and Tracy hosting the St. Patrick’s Day parade goes awry when they discover that Jenna has gotten top billing during the promos for the show. It causes a hilarious rivalry between the two friends that is sure to have you cracking up until someone swoops in to save the day!